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Shipping and payment terms

G&G Ersatzteile KG Germany delivers your order as fast as possible, once we received your payment.

In case of a part delivery, we ship the recent articles for free to the recipient to complete your order. We deliver world wide.

Your G&G spare parts team Germany

Shipping costs
Package price national Germany

Up to 10 KG     8,00€
Up to 25 KG   12,00€
Up to 50 KG   19,00€
Up to 100 KG 31,00€
Up to 200 KG 41,00€

Package price international - Group 1 

Shipping costs

(net weight, prices without VAT)
Up to  2 KG  14,00€
Up to  5 KG  17,00€
Up to 10 KG 23,00€
Up to 20 KG 35,00€
Up to 31 KG 50,00€
Package price international Group 2

Shipping costs

(net weight, prices without VAT)
Up to   2 KG   50,00€
Up to  5 KG    65,00€
Up to 10 KG   85,00€
Up to 20 KG   95,00€
Up to 31 KG 120,00€

Please note, that orders with an amount of 1.000€ net. are declarable (customs).